The Top End-of-Summer Weekend Trips

August 18, 2023

Get packing, because summer isn’t over yet! These long weekend trip ideas are enjoyable for the whole family and will accommodate any last-minute plans.

Annapolis, MD

This historic harbor town is just south of Baltimore and offers plenty to do on a long weekend. Known as “America’s Sailing Capital”, see what all the hype is about yourself by planning a boat excursion. Eat all the seafood your heart desires, enjoy a cold beer, and peek into one of the many family-owned shops lining the cobblestone streets for one jam-packed weekend.

Washington D.C.  

Stroll through the National Mall, take a foodie tour by visiting a few of the many new restaurants popping up (who can skip out on brunch at DC Harvest?), or escape the heat by going on a craft brewery tour. For an educational and fun weekend all in one, D.C. is the stop for you.

Pacific Coast Highway, CA

Nothing says a long weekend trip quite like a road trip along one of the country’s most picturesque routes. The entirety of the Pacific Coast Highway may not be feasible in just a couple of days, but a few notable stops are worth the drive. Enjoy a sunny day at Point Dume Beach in Malibu, or, if you’re further up north, visit the Sutro Baths before stopping at Café 1 for a vegan-friendly meal.

St. Louis, MO

A baseball game here, a rooftop bar there—that’s really all you need for a summer weekend away, right? St. Louis is home to many staples: Forest Park (otherwise known as the best urban park in the US), a world-renowned art museum, and some exquisite American fare to chow down on in the Delmar Loop.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Summer is winding down, so why not take advantage and squeeze in one last beach trip at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Many Americans are packing up their beach chairs and stowing them away for the year, so take advantage of the deals going on and plan a weekend away.


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